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Slaghog - Electric Slag Removal Tool

Slaghog - Electric Slag Removal ToolQuickly and easily remove tough slag and dross buildup from your laser support surface. The Slaghog works on Copper as well as Steel support slats and can be operated while the laser machine is running. Perform cleaning from one side of cutting bed with a single operator. US patent # 9,687,884 and made in the USA.

Slaghog features:

  • Slat thickness .090" to .125"
  • Light weight
  • Cleans slat lengths from 48" to 80"
  • Permanently attached wheels for easy handling
  • Single side operation

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Slat Shield Plus

Slat Shield PlusSlat Shield Plus is a slag/dross preventative that can be applied to new or cleaned slats. Slat Shield can be applied to copper as well as steel laser cutting beds. Simply fill a tank sprayer with Slat Shield Plus and liberally apply the preventative onto the slats.

  • Increased machine uptime
  • Reduction in slag/dross buildup on slat
  • Reduce spatter on backside of cut parts
  • Clean slats with less effort
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-Aerosol
Video of the slag removal tool

Video shows how to apply the Slat Shield Plus to your Laser cutting bed of slats.

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  • Messer
  • Sukota
  • Cincinnati
  • Karakoc
  • Mitsubishi
  • Trumpf
  • Ermak
  • Laser Photonics
  • MultiCam
  • World Lasers
  • Esab
  • LVD Strippit
  • Prima N. America
  • and more...

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Slag Removal Tool - Manual Slag Removal Tool

Slag Removal Tool - Manual Slag Removal ToolThis tool features a special end that has been engineered to withstand even the heaviest slag build-up. It is made from material that is five times stronger than conventional steel to resist bending and breaking for maximum durability and longevity.

The slag removal tool works great on steel and copper slats to manually remove slag build-up quickly and efficiently.

  • Long lasting fingers
  • Engineered to withstand heavy slag
  • Doesn't bend or break
  • 5X stronger than conventional steel
  • Straightens tips and removes slag without damaging the slat
  • Reduce splatter by keeping your slats clean (insuring better quality parts)

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See a demonstration of how the slag removal tool works perfectly on laser cutting slats.